Company Background

Licht Consulting Pty Ltd is actively engage in information technology, telecommunication, software, hardware, electronics, large machineries, printing, large scale trading, advertising, including integrating multiple technology platform has been our strength. Working closely with selected, top communication technology manufacturer, made LC the best solution for the needs of our customers.

Focus and Purpose

To provide a variety of solutions based on our customer’s needs in information technology and communications. We are experienced in developing products such as communication based media, applications, and IT networks that enables customers to utilize the right technological tools effectively, at fair cost.

Vision and Mission


To become the leading company in the industry by prioritizing professional integrity, teamwork, commitment, perfectionism, and respect.


Continuously provide the highest quality of products and services and fulfilling the needs of our customers through excellent marketing programs.


Professional, Integrity, Teamwork, Commitment, Excellence, and Respect